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Gallery Saskia

Gallery Saskia present high-quality contemporary art made mainly by Finnish artists.  Gallery is open for public mon–fri 12–18, sat–sun 12–16. Admission to exhibitions is free.

Gallery is located in the building of Hiekka Art Museum in the heart of  City of  Tampere.

Gallery Saskia was founded on 1970 and since then it has been operated completely by voluntary work of the members of Saskia association.

In the gallery there are arranged 13-15 exhibitions annually, each with a duration of three weeks. The exhibition committee chooses the exhibitions based upon applications once a year. Art sales take place without any gallery commission and also the rent fees for artists are kept as reasonable as possible.

Information about the exhibitions and other events will be announced on various social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, X. Unfortunately, we are able to maintain our webpages  only in Finnish.


Galleria Saskia
Pirkankatu 6, 33210 Tampere
Tel. (03) 223 0812
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 12–18, Sat–Sun 12–16